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The short-term rental data solution you have been looking for

Liwango's app allows you to fully monitor vacation rentals supply and activity at all times. Our data helps DMOs, property managers and investors to have a better understanding of the market: supply, rate, occupancy, demand, etc.

Market Supply

Analyze the market supply trends and visualize vacation rentals on your market.


Track occupancy and demand on your market.

Length of stay

Analyze the distribution of stays based on their length.


Optimize your revenue management strategy by monitoring market rates.


Compare destinations and customizable areas in one click.


Monitor the impact of events on market supply, occupancy or pricing.

Travelers origin

Track the origin of the reviews published on short-term rentals websites.


Make smart decisions thanks to our forward-looking forecasts updated in real-time for the next 9 months.

Opt for a 100%-customizable solution


Dedicated app

Liwango allows you to access and visualize all data and insights on one dedicated and customizable dashboard for all selected markets:

  • Full monitoring & real-time updates
  • All-in-one app


Dashboards always include the main insights you requested on a monthly, weekly or daily basis:

  • Downloadable from the application
  • For each selected area

Raw Exports & API

Graphs' raw data can be downloaded for data crossing & database improvent. We provide also an API and customizable exports:

  • Data crossing & Database
  • Large scale automated use

Our partners

Designed for DMOs, Tourism Boards, Property Managers, Hospitality and Tourism professionals or Real Estate Investors, Liwango's solution is very much appreciated for its exhaustive, clear, user-friendly and custom-made interface.

CTR Normandie
Calvados Attractivité

And many others...

Explore our vacation rentals data insights and statistics for:

DMOs & Tourism Boards

Monitor short-term rentals supply: amount of properties, capacity, average daily rate (ADR), length of stay, booking window, travelers origin, etc.

Compare these data over time and with other neighboring or competitive areas.

Get a precise and exhaustive analysis of the destination dynamics on the short-term rental market, lead tailored made marketing campaigns and measure economic impacts.

Property Managers

Use the right solution to optimize the revenue management of your properties on all platforms.

Average daily rates in real-time, demand's evolution, detailed comparison with your own property data and stats.

Display your property at the right price and maximize its profitability.

Hospitality and Tourism professionals

Optimize your revenue management, set the right price and maximize your occupancy rates by fully understanding your market.

Use market data and local statistics to track short-term rental trends and evolution, optimize pricing and occupancy rates, better target your marketing campaigns.

Real Estate & Investors

Measure profitability to make the right investment in the short-term rental industry. Find properties that will guarantee you a quick ROI.

Liwango allows you to compare and find the most profitable cities to invest in and to target the hotspots and most promising areas.

Save countless hours and get a competitive advantage for research with the most exhaustive market datas.

Understand alternative accommodations now!

Get access to key insights on the short-term rental industry from a fast-growing start-up.

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